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Day Habilitation services assist individuals to achieve satisfying and rewarding connections and relationships within their communities.  

Basic Day Habilitation Information

The RFYP Day Habilitation program takes place at 1705 S. 1st Ave. in Iowa City and within the greater community. All services are directly provided by RFYP staff. The Day Habilitation operates Monday through Friday, 8am‐4pm to meet the needs of the persons served.

Services provided combine medical monitoring, daily living skills training, and active community involvement to support the persons served, development of interpersonal relationships, pre‐employment skills, and/or educational development. Natural supports and staff support assist the persons served to have more choices and control over their daily and leisure time activities. Participants have the opportunity to explore new areas of interest, become more involved within their communities, develop communication and interpersonal skills, and set and pursue personal goals.

Day Habilitation Goals

Day Habilitation Services are available to enhance and support the persons’ served social development, interpersonal relationships, self‐help, and community living skills. These rich experiences and supports can increase self‐advocacy, active lifestyles, and slow the decline associated with aging. Day Habilitation activities and individual service plans are established based on the member’s preferences and identified needs to help persons served advance their skills and pursue their goals, interests, and passions.

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