Aktion Club Mission

Aktion Club believes that through its service to the community it will also teach the community more about adults with disabilities in order to bring our community closer together.

Aktion Club
Our Club Anthem

Together we can Reach For The Stars, 

Together we can open minds and hearts!


We service others in our community,

Development has no disability! 


United we can never fail,

Together we are one, 

United we can change the world!

Together we shine like the sun!

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Club Meetings

Our organization meets regularly to promote social activities and interaction between our members and the community.

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Aktion Club helps put on fundraisers for a number of local and non-local nonprofits that we support and encourage.

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Social Events

We like to provide our community members with opportunities to have fun in the Iowa City community.

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Community Service Projects

One of the most rewarding things can be giving back. Aktion Club is dedicated to improving our community, one project at a time.

Reach For Your Potential
Our Resources

Interested in working with our adult living community? Get in touch with the button below.

Employment Training

We train our Direct Care staff at orientation alongside the individuals they’ll be working with.

Apply Online

Are you looking to reach for more?  Click the button here for our Online Application form.

Contact HR

Our H.R. Department can help you with any comments or questions, and they can be found right here.

Help us provide personalized support and assistance to our current and future community members.