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Payee Services & Accommodations


Individuals are responsible for paying their own rent and utilities. RFYP offers payee services to assist with this task.  Individuals can make choices about their phone, internet, and cable services. 

Some people receive rental assistance through Section VIII Housing, HCBS Rent Subsidy, or other various assistance programs.

Food/Food Assistance

Individuals are responsible for purchasing their own groceries. Most individuals shop with some degree of staff support.  Individuals can decide to develop individualized weekly menus and grocery lists to aid in budgeting and healthy eating.

Upon admission, Reach For Your Potential, Inc. will assist with applying for Food Assistance through the Iowa Department of Human Services. This monthly disbursement varies depending on the individual’s monthly income.

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Reach For Your Potential has been a dedicated and caring community social services organization in Iowa City for over thirty years. And we’re happy to do it for many, many more.

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We train our Direct Care staff at orientation alongside the individuals they’ll be working with.

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