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Making A Difference Each Day

The day-to-day schedule of an individual depends on their personal schedules including school, work, Home Based Habilitation, and/or Day Habilitation. 

Every RFYP member has a different schedule and RFYP will provide staff to meet the needs of the individual. We strive to provide individuals maximum choice opportunities in determining the flow of their home life.

Note: We also understand the importance of a structured schedule to many of the individuals we work with, so we aim to maintain a predictable lifestyle with respect to their individual schedules and staffing needs.

Activities of Daily Living

Individuals are responsible for all activities of daily living to the best of their ability. RFYP staff members assist individuals without losing sight of the goal of greater independence.


Many of the individuals we serve take regular medications.  The majority of staff are certified medication managers and assist individuals in taking their medications.

A doctor must order all medications (including OTC, vitamins, and supplements) if RFYP staff assists with medication administration.  Some individuals administer their own medications, and that is identified in their ISP.  Reach For Your Potential, Inc. provides whatever level of support is necessary for ensuring individuals maintain healthy lifestyles.


We encourage individuals to be as independent as possible in meeting their transportation needs. 

Some individuals arrange transportation through the Iowa City Transit bus system, Johnson County SEATS paratransit bus system, or through local taxi services.

Reach For Your Potential, Inc. also maintains a fleet of vehicles to meet the members’ transportation needs.  Most staff are approved to drive the agency vehicles to ensure the members actively participate in their community events.

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Reach For Your Potential has been a dedicated and caring community social services organization in Iowa City for over thirty years. And we’re happy to do it for many, many more.

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